Lawn care / Service / Maintenance (Weekly Recurring) - St.Louis Missouri


To give you an idea of how much your lawn will cost for a weekly cut, just click the Zillow link and put in your address.  You will find the square footage of your lot.  Match it with the scale below:

up to 5500 sq/ft=$25-$30
up to 11,000 sq/ft=$30-$40
up to 22,000 sq/ft=$40-$45
44,000+ sq/ft=call/or message

Every lot is different; this is just to give an idea of likely cost.  It could be different given your particular lot dimensions or landscape.

BLADESONLINE knows the look of your lawn is important to you.  That is why we use high quality mulching mowers and keep our blades sharp to ensure healthy lawns.  We also offer bagging and smaller, less invasive mowers on small and medium sized lawns.
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