Our Final Level of Tanning is our Diamond Level. In this level we have The Glammy which is an exceptional tanning bed, with a variety of technological features that make it one of the best performing professional machines. With 18 UV-A lamps, Matrix Glammy L18-ER has 3 large tanning units, each comprising 6 high pressure lamps with ER reflectors, giving powerful emissions. Two of the tanning units are located on the upper part of the solarium, and can be positioned manually. The third tanning unit is beneath the Plexiglas user support surface, offering a slow but continuous tilting movement that guarantees perfect diffusion of emissions and avoids areas of excessive heat accumulation.

What is high pressure tanning? It is a tanning system equipped with all High Pressure lamps which are approximately 3-4 inches in length and are behind a special square UV filtered glass (usually dark in color or mirrored). With this specialized equipment, tanning is taken to its purest form. The UVB rays are dramatically reduced and the tanning rays (UVA) are tremendously optimized. This means you will have a beautiful rich bronze tan in JUST 3-5 visits. You will also only require 3-4 visits PER MONTH to maintain that tan.

you have the least likely hood of burning in this style of bed Why?
One of the beautiful things about High Pressure Tanning Systems is that the UVB rays are at the barest minimum and the "tanning rays" are tremendously optimized. This means that the margin of error on our part is very small. The odds of overexposure are very low. We may still reduce the exposure time by a few minutes if you are extremely fair skinned or have not tanned in a long while. We do still recommend that you gradually expose parts of the body not normally exposed to sunlight.