About Us: Beyond Bronze Sun Studio & Spa

Dean & Lisa Hansell

In 2007, Dean and Lisa Hansell met for the first time, and soon fell in love. It wasn’t but a year later that they married and decided to embark on the journey of opening up a new business together. Neither knowing what field to go into, they landed on the tanning Industry. They thought to themselves that this might be perfect for them as they both loved to make people feel good about themselves and letting people have a place to go to when reality was bringing them down. So atlas, they decided to open up a tanning salon even though neither had any experience or knowledge in this field. As they opened their first salon, they realized there was a lot of knowledge to be learned or they weren’t going to make it. So with that in mind, Dean and Lisa began going to any training seminar they could. They also went to some tanning conventions to learn what the best equipment and lotions were for their guests. From there, they learned the proper ways of tanning, how to educate their guests on proper skin care and how to achieve the best look possible from the equipment. From that point on, their philosophy has been educating those about the benefits and rewards of tanning while giving the best skincare. They wanted to give their guests a place they could call home if need be so they created a welcoming and warm environment. With the success of the first salon, they opened up another two, for a total of 3 where they ran and managed them for five years before deciding to move to Florida. Which brings us to the present. We believe in taking safe caution routes to achieve beautiful bronze skin. By doing so, we start by educating our guests on the steps needed to achieve that goal. Starting with finding and matching the best bed to their need, to determining the right amount of time for their skin type. From there, we take the next step in making sure your skin has a way of being taken care of by offering the best fit tanning lotion and that your eyes won’t be damaged with eye wear.


Our passion is to educate and excite our guests for the great benefits tanning has to give as well as letting our guests know we value them. Here at Beyond Bronze, we like to treat everyone like family, so we hope you stop by and see for yourselves. 

Megan Ranasinghe