New workout trends for employees to try – The Reebok Fitness Summer

Posted at 7:00 pm on 12/31/1969

Tell me your sport and I’ll tell you what kind of a person you are… Have you heard that before? As an active and passionate ball sports enthusiast, I think there is definitely some truth in it. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s interesting and also lots of fun to try out new kinds of sports and fitness trends – be it CrossFit, Yoga, Dance, Aerobics or a crazy Obstacle Run. Hence that’s exactly what Reebok offered all adidas Group employees within the Reebok Fitness Summer series that took place over the last weeks at our headquarters in Germany. I talked to some employees who participated in the different events to find out what kind of sports to have on the trend radar for next summer already.

The Reebok CrossFit Competition took place at Adi Dassler Stadium

What’s behind?

Reebok’s clear focus is to become the leading fitness brand. That’s what they drive for and that’s what they want their consumers to feel! Therefore Reebok’s Marketing Team has offered some very special events to fitness enthusiasts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland this year – called theReebok Fitness Fireworks. The kick-off was at the FIBO in Cologne (read my blog post here) and after that the Reebok Fitness Remix Tour, Color Runs and Campus Tour rolled over Central Europe all summer long – click to Reebok’s Facebook page to find out more.

Employees all exhausted and dirty after the obstacle race

Additionally, all employees at our adidas Group headquarters in Herzogenaurach also had the chance to feel the Reebok Fitness Summer by trying out those new workout trends themselves. There have been Tour Stops of the Fitness Remix Tour, a CrossFit Competition to find the fittest employee at HQ and even an obstacle run that gave a first flavor of the upcoming Reebok Spartan Race Series.

Hot or not?

Read through the interviews to find out what our employees think about the different kinds of workouts and how they’ve experienced the events:

 Karoliina Laaksonen (center) during the CrossFit Workout

Karoliina Laaksonen

Karoliina Laaksonen, Business Analyst Finance CD Retail, competed in the CrossFit Competition to find the fittest employee at HQ.

How do you keep yourself fit?
I go regularly to a fitness studio and normally attend different aerobic classes. In addition, I am part of a synchronized skating team in Nuremberg and we train our program once a week. Recently, I also started to play golf and am now eager to improve my handicap.

What kind of sports would you love to try out?
Next week we will have a team event and we are going to try out wakeboarding. I have never done that before but I am sure that it will be a lot of fun!

How did you like the CrossFit challenge?
This was the second time that I tried out CrossFit and I really, really liked it. At the latest the muscle ache the day after proved that the training was very effective. I could definitely imagine training there at least once a week instead of going to a normal aerobics class. I also need to give full 10 points for the trainers!

Lea MusekampLea Musekamp (second from left) during the Aerobics workout of Reebok Fitness Remix Tour

Assistant Manager Health and Fitness, Lea Musekamp participated in the Reebok Fitness Remix Tour which features Yoga, Dance, Aerobics and Functional Training Workouts – 20 minutes each!

How do you keep yourself fit?
I enjoy almost every kind of sport which certainly helps to keep myself fit. Since I have been working for adidas I have had the chance to try a lot of new sports on-site or even during my lunch break. I go for a run at least 3 times a week. In addition, I usually bike to work and attend a couple of company sports courses such as CXT, maxxF and ultimate frisbee.

What kind of sports would you love to try out?
I’d love to try out kite surfing soon.

How did you like Reebok’s Fitness Remix Tour?
I really enjoyed the event! Usually I don´t do Dance, Yoga or Aerobics so it was a new experience for me and I liked it. I could see myself doing Functional Training and Yoga regularly. The idea of offering all these sports courses outside and combining the different styles in one workout session is something I really enjoyed.

Christof RuckiChristof Rucki right before he participated in the obstacle run

Christof Rucki, Assistant Manager Marketing Operations Reebok, took part in the Obstacle Race together with his team members.

How do you keep yourself fit?
I play football with my colleagues at work and once or twice a week I work out at the gym.

What kind of sports would you love to try out?
I would like to try out some unusual sports like show jumping or ultraball – the huge double-sectioned ball which allows you to move like in a three-dimensional aero wheel.

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