Infrared Sauna

Customize Your Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Experience

Customizable health goals include: weight loss, skin health, cardio workout,
detoxification, pain relief, or relaxation. Enjoy alone or with a friend while
surrounded by gentle warmth in this generous-sized sauna. Sound and color
therapy make this experience truly relaxing. For the ultimate benefit follow
your sauna treatment with a massage, facial, or body wrap.

Anti-Aging 30 minutes  $20 – A low constant intensity level of far
and near infrared penetrates tissue to help with various skin concerns. NIR
LED’s improve overall skin tone, elasticity and firmness promoting anti-aging

Cardiovascular 45 minutes $20 – A blend of near, mid and far
infrared starts at a high intensity to increase heart rate and cardiac output.
Then lowers to sustain heart rate and circulation increases to promote healthy
blood pressure.

Detoxification 37 minutes- $20 Mid and Far infrared start at
a high intensity to increase the body’s core temperature and then reduces to a
low comfortable intensity level. The MIR and FIR combination improves vascular
access flow to reach toxins at the cellular level.

Pain Relief 30 minutes – $20 A mid and far infrared blend
provides natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling. While near
infrared LED’s penetrate the tissue to promote cellular repair at a medium,
constant intensity.

Relaxation 30 minutes – $20 Far, mid, and near infrared
induce deep relaxation as they relieve muscle tension at a low, comfortable intensity.
Promoting overall stress reduction with regular use.

Weight Loss 30 minutes –$20 Mid and far infrared start at a
high intensity to stimulate the cardiovascular system, then reduces to a medium
level. As the body works to cool itself there is an increase in in heart, rate,
cardiac output and metabolic rate similar to exercise.

Customize 30 minutes session $20 – choose your own
temperature and LED setting to obtain the benefits your body desires.

Customize 45 minute session $20– choose your own temperature
and LED settings to obtain the benefits your body desires.

Service Price

Enhancement with other services$12

Packages are also available