Charitable Donations - Ocala Florida

Due to the down turn in our economy, funding for this project is quite limited. It should come as no surprise to our audience that we are seeking some community support. We realize that this program is one of many seeking community support. So many of our contributions are focused on our youth. Obviously this program is focused mainly on the elderly. These folks could be your former neighbors, your aunts or uncles or even your parents! They can all benefit from the program. They are very needful of our attention. You are always welcome to visit and see your gifts in action.

Remember the most important fact, it all stays here in our community to help our own elderly, those we have known and loved all our lives!

"A Copy Of The Official Registration (#HCH37762) And Financial Information May Be Obtained From The Division Of Consumer Services By Calling Toll-Free 1-800-Help-Fla (435-7352) Within The State. Registration Does Not Imply Endorsement, Approval, Or Recommendation By The State"