Concerns - Ocala Florida

This is what makes me human. This is what makes me humble. 

I am pleased to share with you some areas of concern that you may have:

  • Mental State- I am competent.
  • Foreclosure- The house in question is the Estate of Alicia Boynton and has been in foreclosure status since 2003. I became the Executor of the Estate in 2011, after paying over $5000 to attorneys, for the opportunity to save my deceased sisters' home and hopefully retain pieces of the memory of what she had accomplished. At this point, I still am working with Bank of America to resolve issues on the property. The property currently sits on a sinkhole which I had remediation done. I did file Bankruptcy in 2009 under the advise of an attorney to reflect the payment being made were by me, the bankruptcy was dismissed at the end of 2009. The house has a VA loan attached that is not assumable unless you are a U.S. Veteran.
  • Tamara- My daughter did in fact believe that she was a hostage and I made statements to whoever said they had her and wanted to hear my words of bowing down to Islam on TV at the school-board meeting. I could not bow to another religion. Emails were looked at by the FDLE and at no time did I share them with the paper. I have no doubt that my repeated remarks “God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind” drew fire in our ever challenging world of belief in God.