Posted at 8:37 am on 06/30/2014
June 23, 2014                                                                             





Ocala-With the current state of our economy, the need to set examples for the youth of our nation is essential. Without role models that will influence our youth to continue on the path set forth by the forefathers of this great nation, America as we know will continue to fall. Our forefathers held the belief that education is crucial to the future defense and independence of America.  Being born in an era where the fundamental principles of freedom, Justice, and Moral Values were established in me, I put forth the following principles that I will adhere to.  In honoring me with your vote, I pledge to

  • Remembering that I am elected by the people, I will vote in your best interest.
  • Respect and guard the integrity of the governance process of the School Board.
  • Keep Kids First and put people and principles over politics.
  • Hold the Line on Taxes
  • Maintain channels of communication
  • Support Parental School Choice
  • Focuses on important issues and policies that affect education in Marion County.
  • Acknowledge and preserve the Judeo-Christian principles that shaped the documents and founding of America.
  • Support American History Education as unifying force of our citizens.
  • Support Civics as a basic tool to educate our children about the USA Constitution.


Signed this first day of June, 2014:

                                                  Angie Boynton

                                                 Angie Boynton

                                                 Marion County School Board, District 4

                                                 School Board Candidate

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