​Boynton Refuses to Seek Endorsement from Equality Florida

Posted at 2:53 pm on 08/01/2014

Boynton Refuses to Seek Endorsement from Equality Florida

Ocala-Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.  Boynton took a stance to say to the group, she would not fill out their questionnaire seeking endorsement.

“I believe the endorsement of the group is not the one to seek.  The mere fact of the matter is the idea of making the sexual act and preference of individual’s equivalent to a civil right is illogical.  Our society has let these differences of principles motivate a movement that keeps us separated from focusing on key issues in this nation and it is puzzling.” stated Boynton.

The web site of Equality Florida states: For 8 years, we led a broad-based coalition that secured the 2008 passage of the Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act, an anti-bullying law that has resulted in protections from anti-LGBT bullying and harassment for students all across the state. 

Boynton said, “Bullying is totally unacceptable and I agree that all students need protection from bullies. I noted that the use of the words, prejudice and ignorance ahead of protecting families, are utilized and felt the words are threatening the character of people who object to the groups views and point out that is a bullying tactic.  History tells us that different sexual preferences has been in existence and the battle of inclusion is irrational.  The stance of Equality Florida is what I think as an adult’s only platform.  When we strive to bring about an acceptance of our youth in this movement, the door to the criminal element on them is wide-open, and the burden of protecting the children no longer exists. Being a school board member, I am committed to respect and ensuring all student have the right in our public schools to an excellent education.”

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