Reading and English Language Arts

Reading/ English Language Arts (ELA)

The Florida Standards in English Language Arts (formally Reading and Language Arts were separated) were approved by the Florida State Board of Education in February, 2014 and fully implemented in grades K-12 in the 2014-2015 school calendar year. All Florida schools teach curriculum that is in alignment to the Florida Standards.  We have taken the LAFS (Language Arts Florida Standards) and created both student- and parent-friendly, step-by-step goals empowering you to successfully self-monitor mastery of learning. Reading Standards for Literature, including both fictional and informational text, are broken down into clusters, including Key Ideas/Details, Craft and Structure, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity. Foundational Skills (K-5) include Phonological Awareness and Phonics/Word Recognition. ELA also embraces Writing Standards explore a variety of Text Types and Purposes, along with training your child how to Produce and Distribute Writing selections, participate in Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Conventions and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use. As your child advances through grade levels, ELA standards are designed to build upon prior learning knowledge, “stair-stepping” the overall educational learning experience in English Language Arts.

Ms. Annette Garcia

Ms. Annette Garcia, ( is an amazing a Reading Teacher. She has been in the classroom for over 9 years! Her hobbies include reading, cooking, watching football, and shopping. Ms. Garcia spends her leisure time watching movies with her daughters, reading and going to the beach. Her love for teaching reading and determination to make a difference in a student's life reinforces Ms. Garcia’s effectiveness in the classroom from grades 6th-12th. Now, she is taking her skills to the online setting! BOOK TODAY and see how Ms. Garcia can assist with your reading skills.