Health & Wellness Consulting & Coaching - Ocala Florida

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13 Wings International empower others to reach an ideal and harmonic state in overcoming health challenges to enjoy a vital, exuberant fulfilled lifestyle. We support those struggling with health challenges to choose healthy choices and habits to living a perpetual full life. Our health practitioners reach out to each individual to consciously become involved in the process of optimal health and life. We help others to live a healthy, happy, passionate and purposeful life. Through our non traditional approach, we hydrate and molecularly reprogram the cells in the body to live free as they were originally designed. Lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Attack, and Stroke are holistically managed with a healthier outcome and result. We assist you in regaining and maintaining a healthier lifestyle without the adverse side effects. Awaken your mind and your senses to adjust, manage and overcome stresses and their effects on the body. Discover your miraculous Body, Mind & Spirit.