Why Restaurants Need an Online Business Platform How a robust website can increase business

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

07/13/2015 17:44 PM
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Chew on this: taking your restaurant's online presence to the next level with an online business platform will help generate new business and bring a rapid ROI. With a robust website, you'll attract new customers and build better relationships with your current ones -- leaving them hungry for more.  

Creates a Professional Showcase for Your Restaurant

What happens when a new customer to walk into a dirty restaurant? Typically, they walk right back out. Similarly, when potential customers search the internet and stumble upon your restaurant website, they should be greeted by a professionally designed page, with well-written content, and quality images. This appearance builds a sense of trustworthiness.

SEO-friendly copy helps your website appear in search engine results, while a mobile optimized design allows it to appear on mobile devices without error.

Offers Online Ordering (Even on Mobile)

When your restaurant gets slammed with customers, no one on staff wants to stop what they're doing to answer the phone and write down orders for delivery or takeout. Your online business platform can incorporate online ordering, so that customers can place their orders from their computers or mobile devices, which is convenient for them -- and your staff.

Build Better Relationships With Customers

Your days and nights are filled with tasks related to running your restaurant. Taking time to build relationships with clients can be a burden for busy restaurant owners. Your online business platform helps by offering contact management tools, which store customer information like names, email addresses, and phone numbers so you can reach clients whenever you want.

Plus, customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to track and analyze their behavior on the site, so you can target them with specific marketing campaigns. For example, all the people who frequently order your pepperoni pizza can get sent an email campaign when you offer a deal on pepperoni pizzas.

Offer Discounts and Gift Cards

When you do decide to offer sales or discounts, your online business platform can incorporate them into the site's payment system. Additionally, you can offer gift cards through the site, which have become a popular means for generating new business.

Optimize Your Advertising and Social Media Interactions

You probably already use social media to help build interest in your restaurant. Your online business platform offers tools which allow you to manage these networks, freeing up your time for other business-related tasks.

Many small businesses have launched online advertising campaigns using Google AdWords. If you're restaurant has done so, your online business platform can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those ads, so you can make any adjustments.

The Solution? Ocoos Websites for Restaurants

Chances are, you have your hands full running your restaurant, and don't want to take the time to figure out how to create an online business platform using a complicated DIY tool. Plus, as a small business you might not have the budget to hire a pricey developer.

Instead, use a website building tool created especially for the restaurant industry, like Ocoos Websites for Restaurants. Ocoos offers a concierge service that will work directly with you and build your website to your exact specifications, incorporating all of the elements mentioned above.

You'll be given access to your site so you can make future changes or edits. US-based, 24-hour support is available should questions or issues arise.

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