Why Realtors Need an Online Business Platform How a robust website can increase business

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

07/13/2015 17:41 PM
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If you're a realtor, then your primary role is to act as a salesperson -- closing deals and building relationships with potential leads. Top salespeople understand that to remain successful in this competitive business, marketing is key. One of the best ways to market your realtor business is through the services of an online business platform. Here's why.

Create a Professional Showcase for Your Business

Not every realtor has a snazzy office where they can meet clients. Instead, your website acts as your storefront; it's often the place where prospective clients find your business, and it gives them their first impression of you. Just like you wouldn't want clients to walk into a dirty sample home, you want your website to look great. It should be professionally designed, with SEO-friendly content, and high quality images.

Plus, because more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to search the web, your site should be optimized to appear without error for mobile devices.

Build and Maintain Client Relationships

The smartest salespeople stay in close contact with their clients, and market to them in the hopes of generating new leads. Your online business platform can help you with these tasks in a number of ways. First, it has client management tools which allow you to store important information like client names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Additionally, customer relationship management (CRM) tools track and analyze the behavior and interactions of clients on your website. This knowledge allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns geared toward your best clients' interests.

Integrate MLS and Manage Inventory

Every realtor needs access to the MLS database, and it can be an enormous timesaver to have those databases accessible on your online business platform. Both you and your clients can access MLS listings at any time. Inventory management tools are also available, and allow you to keep track of inquiries, visits, and more.

Online Appointment Scheduling and Digital Signatures

One of the biggest distractions busy realtors face is stopping what they're doing to schedule appointments with clients. The task is tedious, and surprisingly time consuming when you're juggling a number of clients. An online business platform provides realtors with the ability to have clients book their own appointments using an appointment scheduling tool that is integrated onto your website. The tool even sends automatic appointment reminders.

Often, you find yourself losing time scheduling appointments for contract signings. Because your online business platform allows for digital signatures, this is one less task you'll need to complete in person -- conveniently saving you and your clients time.

Optimize Your Advertising and Employ B2B Co-Marketing

If you've paid good money for an online advertising campaign through Google AdWords, you should make sure you're getting your money's worth. Your online business platform's analytics tools can determine your campaign's successes and weaknesses and allow you adjust your advertising efforts accordingly.

With B2B co-marketing, your site will incorporate promotional links to related businesses (like a contractor, or carpet store), and your site will be incorporated onto theirs, in turn. This co-marketing helps generate local leads for your business.

Creating an online business platform that includes all the features mentioned here doesn't need to be an overwhelming task. In fact, website building tools exist that are designed especially for realtors, like Ocoos Websites for Realtors. Ocoos is less expensive than hiring a developer, and even offers a concierge service that will build your site for you -- which means it's easier than trying to figure out how to use a DIY website builder.

You'll always be given full access to your site, so you can make changes to it as needed. Plus, Ocoos has 24-hour, US-based support should questions or issues arise.

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