Why Non-Profits Need an Online Business Platform How a robust website can help you attract clients

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

07/06/2015 14:26 PM
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Attracting donors to your non-profit is a full-time job; of course, growing donations is just one of many responsibilities faced by an organization's leaders. Overburdened staff can find relief from an unexpected place: an online business platform. In fact, the tools included with a robust website can help streamline many responsibilities that come with running a successful non-profit, and help you position it for ongoing sustainability.

Drive Awareness for Your Non-Profit

Increasing general awareness of your non-profit is a major goal. Most people who are researching your specific organization or who are seeking information on the population your non-profit serves will be doing so online. This means that your website serves as the first impression these visitors will have of your organization's mission. With this in mind, it's important to have a professionally designed website, complete with SEO-friendly text and quality images. These features will help your non-profit appear on search engines and give an appearance of trustworthiness.

Helps Manage Donor Information

Gathering donor information is invaluable; non-profits must maintain good, ongoing relationships with their donors. An online business platform offers donor management tools that collect information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses of your donors so you can keep the organized and within arm's reach when you're launching campaigns.

Create Marketing Campaigns for Donor Events

Fundraisers and other events are major sources of income for non-profits. Marketing these events is one of the organization's most important tasks. Your online business platform can help by offering tools that allow you to create targeted email campaigns, and special pages on the website that promote the event.

Handles Social Media Management

Staying relevant is hard in today's crowded digital spaces. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can help you remain part of the conversation. Your online business platform's social media management tools helps streamline your social channels, and stay engaged with followers.

Accepts Online and Mobile Donations

Of course, accepting donations is key to any non-profit's future. An online business platform allows you to accept donations online, and is also optimized to accept them via mobile devices.

To be sure, non-profits don't have an enormous budget to spend on creating an online business platform, and hiring a developer to build one can be pricey. Instead, non-profits can use a website building platform geared especially toward their needs, like Ocoos Websites for Non-Profits.

Ocoos offers a concierge service that builds your website for you, giving you access to the site so you can make future changes, if needed. If questions or concerns pop up, Ocoos offers 24-hour, US-based support.  

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