Why Insurance Agents Need an Online Business Platform Discover how a robust website will help your business grow

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

06/28/2015 17:48 PM
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Successful insurance agents spend their days convincing clients of the benefits of comprehensive insurance coverage. But how many agents have also insured themselves and the future of their business by investing in an online business platform?

While medical, life, home, and auto insurance seem like obvious necessities, so too, should a plan to insure the continued growth of your business. If attracting clients and seeing rapid ROI are your goals, a robust website will help you achieve them. Below we've outlined some of the major reasons why insurance agents should have an online business platform.

Attract Clients Through a Mobile-Optimized, Professional Showcase

A majority of people search for insurance agents and research insurance options using the internet. A growing number of these individuals is using their mobile device while doing so. This means that your website might be the first place a prospective client encounters your services. With that in mind, you'll want to have a website that also serves as your storefront, or a showcase of your services. To give an appearance of trustworthiness, this site should be professionally designed, with well-written, SEO-friendly text, and quality images. The site should also be optimized to appear without error on mobile devices.

Integration of Brand-Quoting Engines

Customers love convenience -- and so do you. By having an online business platform that integrates brand-quoting engines, you and your clients will have easy access to research insurance options and discover relevant information regarding those choices.

Improve Client Relationships CRM and Contact Management Tools

As your client list expands, it can be hard to keep track of who's who. A website with integrated content management tools allows you to store names, email addresses, phone numbers and other valuable contact information so you can reach your clients whenever you'd like. Additionally, client relationship management (CRM) tools tracks and analyzes client interactions on your website, allowing you to see which of your services are most popular. With this information you can send targeted marketing campaigns to your clients.

Fewer Missed Appointments and Digital Signatures of Contracts

An online business platform that includes appointment scheduling tools releases you from the burden of interrupting your work day and scheduling them yourself. Clients can access the appointment scheduler, and book their time to see you. They'll even be sent automatic reminders, resulting in fewer missed or forgotten appointments.

Additionally, a platform offers digital signatures of contracts, which can also be a major time saver for you and your clients.

Business Growth Through Advertising Optimization and B2B Co-Marketing

Online platforms also allow you to track and analyze your digital advertising campaigns, allowing you to adjust them as needed. Plus, B2B co-marketing links your website with those of similar businesses, generating leads and building awareness.

By using a platform that was designed specifically with the needs of insurance agents in mind, you'll be privy to all of these benefits. Ocoos Websites for Insurance Agents include all of these features, and Ocoos even offers a full-service concierge to build the website for you. You'll be given access to the site, and have the ability to edit it when needed. If questions or issues arise, Ocoos also offers 24-hour, US-based support services.

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