Why Content Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

Daila Danford

07/01/2013 15:02 PM
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Marketing and advertising have forever been integral parts of running a business. A business will not have success if people do not buy the products or services, and the best way to ensure sales is to put your product on the market in an appealing way. Content marketing is the new tactic for businesses, large and small, attempting to connect with their consumers. It shouldn’t be about selling the product or service directly. Content marketing is more for sharing information and giving the consumerbase a chance for communication. On some level it should still convey a sell. The appealing thing about content marketing is that if done right, your customer will feel like they have made a connection with the company and hopefully decide to buy on their own.

So what exactly is content marketing? We can break down the phrase and get content, which is what something is made of, so in this case, your business. Including the ins, outs, functions, purpose and goals and any other information consumers would find attractive. Marketing is communicating a product or service. So content marketing is opening up to your consumer about your business, via some platform. There are a number of ways to put your content out there ranging from Facebook posts, blog posts, video broadcasts, print magazines, among others, and each has its own appeal.

The question is how important is this new tool for small businesses? The answer is very. In the information overloaded age we live in, having data about your product readily available to consumers is as integral a part of being successful as is having a good product. With every person equipped with a smart device capable of searching for just about anything, a good business should have interesting and positive things out there to be read. “Content is the voice of your brand…” and we want that voice to be upbeat and well informed.

The other half of information content marketing is the communication and discussion of what is being put out there. Whether it is a Wordpress, Facebook, or Twitter account, these new information stations allow for a relationship with customers. People like nothing better than to talk and be heard. These forums allow the customer to speak and the business to respond, so that they can improve and grow in the direction the consumer wants. Never before has there been a platform for this kind of direct communication between producer and consumer.

In the ever changing information age in which we live, content marketing is well on its way to becoming the key to a successful business.