Why Consultants Need an Online Business Platform How a robust website can grow your business

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

06/23/2015 14:34 PM
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Consultants vie to grow their business, but going it alone can be a challenge. When their time and resources are limited, many consultants wonder how to find the bandwidth to increase their client base. For many independent consultants, launching their own online business platform solves this quandary. Below, we've highlighted five reasons consultants need a robust website.

Trustworthy, Online Storefront

Few consultants can afford the luxury of opening a physical storefront, but an online business platform serves as the digital equivalent. Most consumers search for consultant services online, and an increasing number of them use their mobile devices to do so. Your website offers new consumers their first impression of your business.

With this in mind, you'll want a professionally designed site, with well-written, SEO-friendly text, and high-quality images. The site should also be optimized to appear without error across mobile devices and different browsers.

Help With Contact Management

Keeping track of and in touch with clients can be a struggle, particularly as your business grows and you're juggling an increasing number of customers. An online business platform offers contact management tools, that allow you to store and easily access client information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. You'll have the ability to reach clients when needed and track your communications with them.

Manage Customer Relationships and Advertising Optimization

One of the most critical aspects of an online business platform are customer relationship management tools (CRM). These tools allow you to build and maintain relationships with your clients by tracking their interactions on your website, analyzing demand for particular services, and monitoring growth. With this information, consultants can develop targeted marketing campaigns and special offers.

Additonally, if you've engaged in online advertising with Google AdWords, or another similar outlet, your online business platform will incorporate analytical tools that will track the success and failures of those campaigns. You will be able to adjust your efforts accordingly.

Online Scheduling Tools

One of consultants' greatest pain points is taking the time to respond to client queries and book and track appointments. Moreover, it's an enormous frustration when clients forget appointments, wasting your valuable time. An online business platform features scheduling tools so clients can book appointments online, at their convenience. Plus, the scheduler includes automatic reminders, helping eliminate missed or forgotten appointments.

Manage Payments

Tracking down and processing payments can eat up time that would be better spent on other aspects of your consulting business. The online business platform includes payment processing abilities, including options for partial payments, and the ability to request a quote and pay later. You'll have the ability to offer discounts, and accept gift cards and a variety of payment methods.

While it's often thought that launching the kind of platform that includes all of these valuable features means hiring a pricey web developer or getting involved in a DIY website building project, there is a better alternative. Consultants can use a website building platform geared entirely to their unique needs, like Ocoos Websites for Consultants. Ocoos even offers a full-service concierge who will build the site for you, incorporating all the tools and customizations you need. Business owners still retain control of the site, and can update it as needed. U.S.-based, 24-hour support is always available if questions arise.  

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