What Tailors, Custom-Built Cars, and Your Website Builder Have in Common If you're a small business owner, you'll be surprised

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

07/19/2015 18:24 PM
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Remember the ubiquitous Burger King slogan that promised you could, "Have it your way"? While it, of course, referred to your fast food meal, that motto was only the tip of the iceberg for an increasingly growing trend toward customization.

Today, people want to personalize everything imaginable, from their cell phones to their M&M's and Starbucks coffee. It's no surprise, then, that small business owners in the market for a website want to launch a customized online presence.

As a small business owner, you desire a website that reflects your business's identity, with all the bells and whistles you need to grow your customer base, gather leads, and ultimately, convert to sales.

When people do want this level of customization, they typically hire a web developer to create a website from scratch that includes all the features needed to promote and run a business. The other path many small business owners take is to use a DIY website builder, like Wordpress or Wix, and build the website themselves. Few people realize that these solutions also have their shortcomings.

For one, hiring a web developer may yield a stunning, highly customized product, the resulting website comes at a steep price. In reality, this level of customization is pricey when it's being completed by developer. 

Consider the cost of having a new suit made by a bespoke tailor. While bespoke clothing is all the rage among a certain set of the population, cost-wise, it's a far cry from hitting the sales rack at your local department store. Tailors will measure you, allow you to choose specific fabrics, design and built an outfit to your exact specifications, but you better be prepared to loosen your purse strings to pay for it.

When you hire a web developer to work with you to create a unique website that incorporates every feature and piece of technology you desire, it will be designed and built to your exact specifications, but you best be ready to pay a steep hourly fee that often amounts to thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, you might be a hands-on small business owner who is willing to take on the task of building your website using a DIY website builder, such as Wordpress. These DIY builders allow you to add many of customizations onto your website template, but problems arise when those plugins need to be updated or fixed.

This is similar to the culture surrounding custom-built cars, where people modify vehicles to incorporate all manner of features, like engines and transmissions. Eventually, something on the custom car will break or new automotive technologies will be developed, and are unable to be absorbed. While the custom cars looks eye-poppingly good, they also include steep maintenance costs because of their level of customizations.

What's the Solution?

Rather than deal with the maintenance costs associated with DIY website builders or the steep fees charged by web developers, small business owners can use a website building platform, like Ocoos. The Ocoos platform integrates all the features you need to grow and promote your business, including customer relationship management (CRM) tools, contact management, analytics, methods of payment, an appointment scheduler, an interactive calendar and more.

Because all of this technology is built on the same core platform, it is always maintained and updated behind the scenes, and small business owners do not have to complete updates or fixes themselves. Rather than hire a pricey developer, you can use the services of Ocoos's concierge service. The concierge will work with you and build you a site to your exact specifications.

Still, you'll always have full access to your site, and the ability to make changes or updates as needed. If problems or questions do arise while you're working with your website, you'll have access to Ocoos's 24-hour, U.S.-based phone and online support services.

With Ocoos's website builder, you'll "have it your way" without having to lift a finger or pay steep prices.  

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