Using Market Segmentation to Better Connect With Customers

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

12/17/2014 17:07 PM
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The world’s most sophisticated companies use marketing segmentation as a powerful tool to connect deeply with their customers.

They know that best way to win clients is to communicate with them in their own language and demonstrate competence in their particular market segment. Yet the internet, by its very nature, attempts to combine multiple markets, and one unified website cannot easily communicate market knowledge across verticals.

Of course, large companies with access to ample resources and programming talent can use a micro-site approach to build portals that speak directly to a particular marketplace. But until recently, this same capability was not available to small firms.

Now, with state-of-the-art platforms such as Ocoos, small businesses can use this strategy with great effect. How do they do this?

  1. Start by identifying the market segments of interest (for example: real estate or charities)

  1. For each segment, build a web presence within the Ocoos Platform. There is a minimal time investment in doing so (5-10 minutes to build a website) and minimal cost ($25/month).

  1. If the marketing positioning for vertical marketing is not clear, the Ocoos platform provides excellent tools for discovering and verifying the communication.

  1. Build market-specific communication in terms of articles and social network activity.

  1. Integrate these new pages by building pointers from your main site to the Ocoos micro-sites.

What is the impact for your small business?

  1. You can communicate clearly with your clients in their own language. Doing so will build your reputation and position as a thought leader in that marketplace.

  1. You can build social or business networks specific to a market which will make it much more likely that your membership will naturally share your information through the network.

  1. Finally, the volume of market-specific information will make search engines more likely to find your business, because you will be naturally operating in limited spaces.  

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