Tips for Building Successful Client Trainer Relationships

07/22/2013 00:32 AM
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One of the keys to a good client-trainer relationship is that both parties know what to expect from each other. A great way to formalize these expectations is in an agreement. This document outlines the important business components of the trainer-client relationship. Common topics in this agreement include the following:

• Term of the agreement -Establishes how long the agreement is for or what is included.

• Fees and payment structure -What methods of payment will you accept and over what amount of time will clients be able to pay you? It is up to you whether you want people to pay in full or in installments.

• Cancellation policy -It is strongly recommended that you include and enforce this policy. If you do not follow through on it, your clients will assume it is acceptable to cancel appointments without appropriate notice.

• Late policy -Similar to the cancellation policy, this is an area that needs to be enforced before it becomes a common occurrence.

• Refund policy -Many trainers will provide a money-back guarantee for the unused portion of their sessions.

• Informed consent -This common stipulation ensures the client understands the risk of exercising.

Figure 13.2 (below) is a sample Personal Training agreement.

Client-trainer agreements can be formatted in many different ways. The example in figure 13.2 covers the key elements, but you may need to modify it to suit your needs. The formal part of the client-trainer relationship is only one of the many areas that need to be considered. Some other areas that you need to pay attention to are as follows:

• Professional image -If you want to be treated and paid like a professional, you need to look and talk like a professional. Many people who purchase Personal Training sessions are professionals who are accustomed to being around certain types of people. If you want to attract this crowd, you need to keep these expectations in mind. Your professional image does not only apply to professional clientele. Anyone who is paying you for your services deserves the same level of service and attention to detail.


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