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11/15/2012 14:24 PM
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​The mission is to create a brand that offers remarkable digital agency services and also headlines its own conference … a conference that is boutique in nature and coined to be a digital marketing experience. That conference is known as BlueGlassX.

You might notice some familiar faces on the BlueGlass senior management team including vetted SES speakers and search marketing experts Chris Winfield, Greg Boser, Loren Baker and the most recent addition Richard Zwicky. As CEO and Chairman of the Board, Zwicky joined the BlueGlass team in early 2012. He brought his legacy of successful business leadership to help the company continue its focus on long-term value.

Why BlueGlass? “The list of reasons is long. But the opportunity to work with such an exceptional team was compelling, and frankly still is! The dedication that the BlueGlass senior team displayed to quality and value, coupled with each of their backgrounds and unique areas of expertise in online marketing made for a very attract group of domain level expertise,” said Zwicky.

What’s Inside that BlueGlassX Anyway? BlueGlass refers to events as “experiences” because they’re more than just a conference. They are an all-inclusive, 48-hour experience where we take care of every detail so attendees can completely focus on learning new things and meeting new people who can hopefully help grow their business.

Small Venues, Intimate Details, Private Conversations. Zwicky believes the value of a conference is very much defined by the people you share it with. To that point, BlueGlassX 2012 - scheduled for Dec. 3-4 - has been sold out for months; partly because it is limited to just 125 attendees.

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author: Lisa Buyer