Personal Trainers: Your Dilemma for Growing Your Business

11/04/2013 17:15 PM
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 As all personal trainers know, there is one fundamental fact.... you only get paid when you deliver the service. The customer does not care about your sales/marketing or administrative costs.  Given the fact that most trainers are small one/two person companies, the same people (person) often does everything including personal training, marketing/sales, and administrative bookkeeping operations. Thus, these three functions  compete for your time, and because it is a very unusual a person that is an expert at all business functions, most trainers have a hard time with important business operations outside of delivering a great service.... But it no longer has to be like this, technology can solve this problem.

The internet has been a massive force for change, and one of its key values has been to give anyone the ability to be part of a level the playing field. For example, everyone can be a publisher (blogging systems), build a video channel (youtube), or sell to the world (eCommerce).  The same can be said for business efficiency, the internet can solve the fundamental issues of better efficiency for sales/marketing and radically reduce the cost and time of G&A.  However, internet technology is changing so fast that most trainers simply are not in a position to keep up with technology (and we shouldn’t, we have to focus on being great trainers).  Further, these technologies are generally built to be consumed by sophisticated specialist. Thus, large businesses can use internet systems for deep data mining/analytics or sophisticated targeted marketing. However, this capability is largely out of reach for most small businesses.

What would be an appropriate solution look like?

  1. Simplicity: Using simple terminology, we need the “Entrepreneurs Web Business Management system”. This is something which provides most of the benefit with minimal complexity! or as I like to say “as easy to use as Facebook”

  2. Cost:  Most of the major software systems are out of reach for small businesses, so there is a need for a low cost consumer version.

  3. Training: Integrated training and support are critical for closing the adoption gap for most small businesses.  From youtube videos to efficient help resources allowing anyone to be world-class in the digital age.

With a solution like this, the productivity of personal training businesses could rise dramatically, and they could shift the focus on the stuff that drives revenue.

So where is this solution? is a new company looking to solve this problem. The mission is simple: Help Small Businesses Grow Through Great Technology. Ocoos offers the only Piece of software you need to run your small business;  this simple to use solution allows anyone to build and manage a modern website with tools for scheduling clients online that seamlessly connects with a back-office management.  Allowing your calendar, client management, sales tracking, analytics, and other business functions to update and operate automatically.  Not only allowing every small business to be expert bookkeepers but spend absolutely no time worrying about it.

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