Newsletter Promotion/Sharing in Ocoos

Robert Powers

09/10/2015 17:27 PM
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From:  Robert Powers

Subject Line:   Increasing Promotion/Sharing using Ocoos

Dear Ocoos Friends,

We are excited to announce a very exciting capability called the Share Website Button as a part of the Ocoos Platform which can help you drive your business. This capability is being offered at no additional cost to our existing concierge customers until the end of September.   

With our Share Website Button, Ocoos creates a process much like LinkedIn where you can share your website with your email and social media contacts.  Even better, the email sent  to your contacts allows them to share YOUR website with their contacts as well.  This creates the potential for viral growth in awareness of your website.

How do you get access to these capabilities ?   It is easy !    

Step 1:  Log into your account

Step 2:  Select Page Manager/Edit My HomePage

Step 3:  Select Share Website

Step 4:  Follow steps to share on email, social platforms

If you want us to help or just want to learn more about this functionality(even if you are not a current customer),  just setup a session with our team and we will walk you through the process.  You can do this by just replying to this email with a preferred date/time.  The whole process should take no more than 5-10 mins.


Robert Powers

Director of Business Development