Need Appointment Scheduling Software for Your Business? Clients can book appointments from anywhere, at any time

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

05/25/2016 14:00 PM
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Small business owners often act as a Jack of all trades, and wear an array of hats: boss, salesman, customer service rep, accountant, and administrative assistant -- just to name a few. Juggling these roles and responsibilities can be all-consuming, and even overwhelming at times. But small and midsize business owners can optimize their time by finding more efficient tools to run their business.

One easy step you can take to increase efficiency is to use appointment scheduling software. Consultants, accountants, lawyers, and medical professionals all rely on booking appointments with clients or patients. Answering the phone, and booking appointments using a desktop scheduling system -- or even a pen and appointment book -- can be a burden when business is bustling and phones seem to be ringing off the hook. Even worse, it becomes possible to make mistakes when you're distracted by other responsibilities.

While it would be helpful to hire an administrative assistant to handle appointment booking, doing so isn't always within a small business's budget. Plus, during your assistant's off hours, clients wouldn't be able to reach you.

The answer? Integrating appointment scheduling software onto your small business website, so clients and patients can book their own appointments, leaving business owners free to do what they do best -- run their business.

Appointment scheduling software offers an array of benefits:

  • Business owners and managers are free to handle important business matters, without interruption.

  • It's cost efficient: there is no need to hire additional staff to help you book appointments

  • Appointment scheduling software sends automatic reminders to clients, eliminating missed or forgotten appointments.

  • Clients have 24/7 access to the appointment scheduler, and can book their appointments at their own convenience.

  • You can check your appointment scheduler online from anywhere, at any time, even when you're away from the office.

How to Integrate Appointment Scheduling Software

Integrating smart, efficient business tools is easy when your website is created using an automated website building platform, like Ocoos. A platform offers an integrated appointment scheduling tool that also sends automatic appointment reminders. An off-the-shelf solution, such as Ocoos, includes hosting, design, and tools and software aimed at making business operations run smoothly. These features include the appointment scheduling tool, as well as an online shopping cart, discount manager, the ability to accept multiple payments, contact management tools, and CRM software.

Ocoos also offers access to a full-service concierge who can build your website for you to meet your unique business needs and goals. If issues crop up, Ocoos offers 24-hour, US-based support.

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