Marketing Reviews: Leveraging the Power of Positive Reviews

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

03/25/2015 13:20 PM
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A bad online reputation can make or break any business. This is especially true for the hospitality industry, as savvy consumers research options (hotels, tours, restaurants) using sites that feature customer reviews like TripAdvisor, Expedia, or Yelp.

Reputation management has never been more critical. All it takes is one terrible review on a site like TripAdvisor, which attracts scores of users, to destroy one's reputation. On the flip side, positive reviews have been known to increase conversions -- and profits.

The trick is to successfully leverage -- and manage -- the power of their endorsements. Smart businesses take advantage of all their reviews, the positives and the negatives, by harnessing the power of positive reviews and using them for advantage, and alternatively, addressing negative reviews.

Taking Advantage of the Good and the Bad

How can one juggle the good and the bad?

A streamlined review management process which allows a business to market the good reviews on their website and to handle the concerns of unhappy customers would give hotels the best of all worlds.

The struggle for many small to medium-sized hotels is finding the time or resources to scour reviews, sourcing the positive ones, and marketing them to their fullest potential by displaying them on your website where potential customers can be influenced by them.

Discovering a Reputation Management Solution

In fact, tools do exist which accomplish all of the aforementioned tasks, lifting the burden from business owners or their staff. With reputation management needs top of mind, Ocoos has implemented a new capability known as Marketing Reviews, which mines the internet for all existing reviews of a given business.

The system then sources the positive reviews and pipes them directly onto the business website. By prominently displaying the good reviews, (which can be listed from most to least recent), you've increased the marketing power of your ringing endorsements.

But what happens to the negative reviews? The Marketing Review process sources these, as well, sending them to the business owner , via an easy-to-use, private dashboard. Managers can then scan through their negative reviews and choose manually whether to include or exclude them from the site. Should they see fit, they can read and also address the unhappy customer's concerns from behind the scenes.

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