How Independent Personal Trainers can Dominate With Modern Technology

11/04/2013 17:17 PM
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Historically, independent health and fitness trainers (PTs) have had quite a battle when competing with big gyms and established PT firms.  The big firms have a big physical location, spend money on advertising, and provide all that fancy equipment.  Meanwhile, PTs have limited capital, time, and resources.  What do independent personal trainers have?  The answer is of course Talent and Charm! However, to compete successfully, one needs more than talent and charm !  As Sun Tzu says, one needs a good strategy.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

What are the outlines of a winning strategy?   

  1. Flatten the Playing Field

  2. Turn your disadvantages to an advantage

How does one flatten the playing field ?

Here is the good news:  96% of all consumer research begins online.  If you can connect with the  customer online with a credible marketing presence, you have as much of a shot of obtaining the customer as a large gym.


(Example: The boom in Food trucks can be directly attributed to technologies such as Twitter where the businesses require customers to become “Followers” in order to find food truck location, deals, and menu updates. Also, everyone loves to share information about a great meal!)

How does one turn disadvantages to advantages ?

Disadvantage:  Big Gyms have a building/equipment  ⇒    

  1. Advantage:    PT can be mobile and provide consumer flexibility

  2. Advantage:    PT does not have to carry the costs of building/equipment

Are their examples of success? Yes.. check out the food truck industry above.

How does one get started ?

Embrace the internet and the third generation platforms (such as Ocoos) which are enabling small companies to compete successfully.   These platforms allow a PT to build a modern and powerful web presence (Can be built in one-click with our Facebook Page tool), which include built-in online scheduling and ecommerce capabilities (Example).  In addition, this new website is integrated with a suite of simplified tools:

The Integration allows business operations to function automatically, meaning your bookkeeping, client management, and scheduling is all done for you.

The Outcome

Success is based on quality and not on resources,  and PTs can use their greatest assets (talent and charm) to build deeper relationships with their clients.

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