How an Online Business Platform Can Help CPAs Discover the Benefits of a Full-Service Website

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

05/18/2015 11:16 AM
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The day-to-day tasks CPAs face can be all-consuming, particularly during tax season. Juggling a hectic workload means that many CPAs are unable to devote a proper amount of time to a task that could ensure their future success: gaining new clients.

For many CPAs, growing their client base is a priority. This once time-consuming task is made easier with the help of a robust online business platform. Having an online presence geared toward CPAs' needs brings a quick ROI, helping attract new clients and maintain valuable relationships with current ones.

Below, we've outlined some of the ways an online business platform can help.

Creates a Professional, Search Engine Optimized Showcase

A majority of people who are trying to find a CPA do their research online, and typically from mobile devices. Having a website with a professional design is a must. This includes well-written, SEO-friendly text, as well as high quality images. This creates a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism.

The website should also be optimized across browsers and mobile devices so that potential clients can easily find it.

Helps CPAs Manage Contacts

Keeping track of clients and staying in touch with them can be trying for even the most organized people. An online business platform that incorporates contact management tools can help. Contact management collects information from clients such as names and email addresses, which you can use to reach your customers with special offers or information any time you like.

Strengthens Client Relationships With CRM Tools

Taking contact management even further, customer relationship management (CRM) tools let you track customer interactions on your site, monitor growth, and identify your most popular services. This information allows you to target clients with special marketing campaigns and incentives.

Offers Appointment Scheduling With Reminders

Keeping track of appointments, and responding to calls from clients seeking appointments can be time consuming for CPAs. An online business platform features an appointment scheduling tool which allows clients to book appointments online. Additionally, the tool sends automatic reminders, helping eliminate time and money lost due to forgotten appointments.

Integrates Financial Software and Payment Methods

Your financial software such as Quicken and QuickBooks is smoothly integrated with an online business platform, giving CPAs seamless access to both. Additionally the platform incorporates a variety of payment methods so that you can collect your fees quickly.

The features of an online business platform ease many of the time-consuming tasks faced by CPAs. The platform delivers excellent ROI, helping grow your client base, and engage with current clients. Platform building tools exist, such as Ocoos Websites for CPAs which offer an easy, inexpensive solution for CPAs.

Ocoos features a full-service concierge who will work with CPAs, helping them build and launch an online business platform that incorporates all the features outlined above, and that meets their unique needs. The CPA is then given full access to the platform to update and make changes to it as needed in the future. Moreover, if questions or issues arise, Ocoos also offers 24-hour, U.S.-based support.

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