E-how on How to Start a Wellness Business

07/22/2013 00:16 AM
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If you are interested in health, a wellness company might be a suitable business for you. Wellness companies offer products and services relating to preventing illness, maintaining health, and healing ailments. They can provide a broad range of offerings or a narrowly focused selection. You do not need a degree in a specific healing art in order to start and run a wellness company, but you should have trained, licensed professionals on your staff. You should also consult with doctors or naturopaths about the products you provide.

Write a business plan. Describe the primary purpose of your wellness company, such as providing homeopathic services and consultations or teaching about nutrition and fitness. Identify the types of customers you will serve and the specific products and services you will provide. Write a marketing plan detailing how you will promote your wellness company and how much money you will spend on marketing. Compile financial information to support your wellness company business plan, including a balance sheet detailing your personal assets, sales projections, and your numerical assessment of the sales volume you will require in order to break even and earn a profit.

Obtain the required business licenses and certifications to run your wellness company. Contact your city and state revenue departments and register with the IRS as an employer and with your state industrial insurance and unemployment insurance divisions. If you will be personally providing services that require licensing or certification, complete the necessary paperwork and take the necessary exams to demonstrate your credentials.

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