Doing It Well: DIY vs DIFM vs DIWM Website Builders How to create the best small business website

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

07/19/2015 18:16 PM
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Whether you're embarking on a home improvement venture or channeling your inner Martha Stewart with Pinterest-inspired crafts, it seems like DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects are everywhere. Heck, there's even a DIY television network to sate people's needs for getting hands-on with pretty much everything.

DIY has infiltrated all facets of our world -- even our technical endeavors, such as creating websites. But DIY has its shortfalls, as many people with no background in web development will attest when trying to build their own website. It was only natural then that following this surge in DIY website building, other solutions would crop up. These alternatives include DIFM (Do-It-for-Me) and DIWM (Do-It-With-Me).

Before diving into a website building project, it's important to understand the differences between DIY, DIFM, and DIWM services.

DIY: Do-It-Yourself

DIY website builders allow you to create your own small business website, from start to finish, and offer you the ability to add plugins for features such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, and payment processing systems. They're flexible solutions, but also prove to be overwhelming for people with little to no background in web development.

Issues that crop up for the average user include having to maintain and update the site's software themselves, a reliance on third-party plugins or apps which also have to be updated (and sometimes create site errors), and a complete lack of online or phone support. If you face an issue, you are, quite literally stuck, unless you hire a pricey developer to address the problem.

DIFM: Do-It-for-Me

DIFM services can include hiring a developer to completely build your website from scratch. Many people who simply don't want to deal with the heavy lifting required to build their own site find this an attractive option. Developers have the know-how to create a robust website for you, however, hiring a developer to do so is a pricey endeavor.

Most developers are contractors asking very high hourly rates. While a developer will likely deliver a well-designed website, with all the features you've asked for, you'll face another issue: on-going costs for maintaining the site.

Once your site has been built and delivered, if any issues crop up, or you want to make any changes to it, you'll be reliant on re-hiring this developer or a new one to come in and make the changes for you. Again, you will have to pay steep hourly fees to get the job done.

DIWM: Do-It-With-Me

Finally, a third option has sprung up: DIWM. Think of DIWM as being kind of filing taxes. Sound crazy? Stick with us for this one.

When dreaded tax season rolls around, do you prefer to hop online, access Turbotax and file on your own, like DIY, or would you rather opt for a DIFM solution, head to an CPA, drop off your paperwork, and leave the task entirely in their hands? Of course, you also have third option: using a tax preparation service like H&R Block, which offers services such as in-person offices where people will file your taxes and also technical online chat and phone support. You even have 24/7 access to your tax returns and e-file status.

So, why are we talking about taxes?

A DIWM website builder exists which offers the perks of a full-service concierge to build your website for you, plus, the added bonus of giving you full control over your site to make changes or additions at any time. Ocoos is an off-the-shelf website building platform that offers core sales solutions and business offerings, like a discount manager, appointment scheduler, and CRM software, which are already integrated into the platform.

Ocoos's concierge will work with you to understand your business goals and user needs and deliver a website that succeeds in addressing both. You will always have access to your site, as well as the ability to add features or edit the site content. If you become stumped by a particular feature or have other questions or issues, Ocoos offers 24-hour, U.S.-based phone and online support.

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