Does Your Doctor Website have these 5 Essential Things? Create the best possible doctor website

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

04/13/2015 14:17 PM
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As a physician, you're faced with a slew of daily challenges; building and maintaining an online business platform that grows your practice shouldn't be one of them.

Attracting and retaining new patients and keeping current ones satisfied is an ongoing challenge. Having an online presence that bolsters these relationships, and streamlines administrative tasks is easy to achieve with these five essential features.

1) Mobile-Optimized, Professional Showcase

Patients need to trust their doctor's abilities. Having a website that portrays you and your practice in a professional light is a must. A doctor's website needs a professional design that cleanly incorporates SEO-friendly text and attention-grabbing photographs. This professional appearance will help build a sense of trustworthiness to new and current patients.

Additionally, an increasing number of people access the web using mobile devices, making it critical to have a mobile-optimized website that appears without error across a variety of browsers, like Chrome and Internet Explorer.

2) Contact Management and Document Access

Keeping in contact with patients is a priority. A doctor's online business platform must incorporate reliable contact management features that allow you to capture details such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Your administrative team can access this information to reach patients at any time.

Every website platform should allow doctors to share new patient information forms. Your platform must give patients the option to download and print documents prior to their visit.

3) Advertising Optimization

Perhaps you've employed digital advertising channels, like Google AdWords, to attract new patients to your practice. Your platform should offer the ability to optimize this advertising and track its success, allowing you to adjust your tactics to increase their effectiveness.

4) Scheduling With Automatic Reminders

Missed appointments are the bane of every practice. Doctors need a website that incorporates a calendar and appointment scheduler, plus sends automatic reminders to patients prior to their appointments. These joint abilities remove the burden faced by office staff of scheduling appointments and reaching out to patients with reminders.

5) EHR Software Integration and Payment Management

Doctors juggle an enormous amount of patient information. Having a website that seamlessly integrates electronic health record (EHR) software is a must. Plus, there should be the added convenience of accepting payments online using a variety of methods, like PayPal.

Ocoos Websites for Doctors incorporate all five of these essential features plus many more into online business platforms created specifically for health professionals. Ocoos also offers a concierge service which will build the entire website for you, working with you or your staff to make sure the platform meets all of your unique needs. Once the platform is built by the concierge, you are given access to make changes and updates to the site as needed. Plus, US-based, 24-hour support is also available.

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