5 Reasons Insurance Agents Need Their Own Websites Learn How You Can Grow Your Business

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

04/18/2015 20:22 PM
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Insurance agents face their fare share of daily challenges. Whether you're selling health, auto, home, or any other type of insurance, many of your struggles are similar. Namely, you're trying to attract new clients.

While some things, such as recruiting talent of dealing with policy changes, are difficult burdens to ease, there is one area where you can take control: Your website. Having an online business platform to promote yourself and your services is invaluable for insurance agents.

Take a look at our five reasons why insurance agents need their own website:

  1. Build Awareness and Gain New Clients

For many insurance agents, their website is the primary place where new clients discover them. A smart online business platform will help build your brand awareness in the marketplace, attracting new clients and business.

A search- and mobile-optimized website is a necessity for insurance agents. This means that your site has text that is SEO-friendly so it can be found by search engines, such as Google. When your name and website begin appearing in Google's search results, new clients will have an easier chance of finding you.

An ever-growing number of people access the internet from mobile devices, searching the internet from smart phones or tablets. It's critical your website is optimized to appear on mobile devices without errors. Again, if people can see and access your website from a variety of devices they are more likely to engage with your services.

  1. Increase Trust

Your online business platform serves as your "front door," so to speak. Often, it's the first thing prospective or current clients see when they search for you online. Your website becomes your professional showcase.

Having a site with well-written text and attention-grabbing images exudes professionalism. This increases your trustworthiness in your clients' eyes. In the crowded insurance agent market, this differentiator will help grow your business.

  1. Engage Your Client Base With CRM and Contact Management

Engaging with your clients is every insurance agent's key to success, but you need a smart marketing strategy that allows you to do so. A website with a contact management system that collects names, phone numbers, and email addresses of new and potential clients helps you stay organized and allow you to reach them with special marketing strategies or offers.

Insurance agents also need a customer relationship management (CRM) system to track client interactions, monitor growth, and target which of their services are most popular. With this knowledge you can tailor marketing campaigns, and generate leads and sales.

  1. Optimize Your Advertising Channels

Your online business platform can play the invaluable role of overseeing all your advertising endeavors. Your website's analytics tools are able to measure your advertising campaign's successes (or -- eek! -- failures). This allows you to adjust your campaigns when necessary, saving you time and money.

  1. Integrate Brand-Quoting Engines

Every insurance agent knows the pain of helping clients search and sort through insurance rates and classes. Brand-quoting engines have been a life-saver for agents in every part of the industry. Your website will allow you to integrate brand-quoting engines, bringing a world of information closer to you -- and most importantly -- to your clients.

Once you've decided you need your own website to leverage the benefits and growth it can bring to your business, you'll want to know how to build one. Platform-building tools such as Ocoos Websites for Insurance Agents are designed specifically to help insurance agents. They offer agents a much simpler (and cheaper) solution than DIY website building tools or hiring a web developer.

Plus, Ocoos's full-service concierge works with you to create a site that meets all of your needs, then does the work of building the site for you. Ocoos also offers 24-hour, US-based support should questions of issues arise.

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