5 Issues With the Wix Website Builder Is Wix the best solution for small businesses?

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

02/03/2015 13:15 PM
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Every small business owner wants their website to be attractive -- who would want an ugly website, right? In fact, website building tool Wix has a commercial that specifically tells potential customers to, “Build Gorgeous Websites.”

But can Wix deliver what it takes for a small business owner to create a good website?

If you're only trying to build a good looking website, then the answer is probably yes. As one of the pioneers in the field of website builders, Wix offers an intuitive tool and a variety of attractive templates that'll give you a stylish site.

But looks aren't everything.

You're running a business, and you need your website to deliver more than just a pretty picture. Having the ability to accept payment, schedule appointments, and track customers and clients is just as -- if not more -- important. In short -- you need business tools at your fingertips.

Though Wix delivers on its promise to create appealing websites, there are 5 major issues business owners will face when using the website building tool.

  1. Shortage of Integrated Tools

Many website functionalities that are critical to running a small business, like appointment scheduling and customer segmentation, are not available through Wix. The company tries to compensate for this lack through an app store offering third-party tools which you can integrate into your website. While doing so can address the problem initially, it creates added cost and lost time for you, and means you will be responsible for maintaining and updating the technology of these tools in the future.

  1. Lack of Future Site Optimization or Updates

Your Wix website might look fine now, but what about a few months or years down the road? As technology updates across browsers and mobile devices, your site might become obsolete. Wix does not guarantee the website you build today will work right or be relevant down the road. You will be responsible for updating the technology powering your site, which can cause major headaches for people who aren't super tech savvy.

  1. Limited E-Commerce Tools

This is a small business website, right? So you should be able to easily access and integrate onto your website the tools needed by small businesses. Unfortunately, Wix is made to look good -- not to sell your products. You won't have payment basics like the ability to accept deposits or provide price quotes, or be able to generate discount codes. Third-party tools are available to help with this lack of e-commerce, but again you face the pitfalls of dealing with third-party solutions we outlines above.

  1. Few Content Driving Options

Content tools that help drive traffic and customers to your site like a public-facing calendar, newsletter manager, or map builders are not available. Yet again, you'll have to use third-party apps.

  1. No Partnership Abilities

Finally, partnering with other businesses can be invaluable for a small business owner. Wix offers limited abilities for affiliate partnerships, which can cut off potential customers.

Wix can be a good solution for someone who needs a website with an attractive homepage but limited functionality. Most small business owners will want a solution that integrates more e-commerce tools and solutions directly, without relying on third-party apps.

Website building platforms, like Ocoos, can be a smart alternative to Wix's website building tool. A platform refers to an integrated solution, with behind-the-scenes technology and updates that are standard across all its sites. Small business owners will have e-commerce tools available to them directly, without having to rely on third party apps.

Plus, important small business features, like CRM functionality, integrated payment  methods with solutions like PayPal, and the ability to offer complex transactions upon payment.

Your site will be optimized across mobile devices and browsers, even as technology updates and changes. If you're hesitant to build or customize your website on your own, our concierge service is available to do it all for you for a fee, so you always have the support you need at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.

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